Lucky Candy Scoop Mini

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We have a big tub filled with a bunch of items ranging from 20c to $3! 

Each Candy Scoop you purchase will get you 1 big scoop full of mixed lollies. You will also have the chance of winning a mystery capsule which has a mystery item inside. This could include; 1 Free Scoop, 2 Free Scoops or a mystery item under $5. A fun mystery candy pack as seen on Tik Tok!

If you purchase more than 1 scoop, they will be placed into the same bag (unless you notify us otherwise)

Items in our mystery tub are rotated so you will most likely get different items each time. Items may include: Fads, Tootsie Pops, Tootsie Rolls, Kool Aid, Wicked Fizz, Wizz Fizz, Melody Pops, Starburst Lollipops, Warheads, TNT, Candy Bracelets, Fizzers, Chups Chup bites, Trolli Hamburger and more!

Customer Reviews

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Tui Ezekiela

Excellent value, great and fast service. 100% would buy again and recommend 🤗

Always amazing

The one thing my daughters agreed on is that although they said the bags where amazing there was far to many of the fizzer lollies we ended up with 11 among 3 bags . But will order more from you always.

Emily Farrington

Lucky Candy Scoop Mini

Blake Wales

I was very happy with my purchase

Ashleigh Brownlow
Great value and delicious variety!

I was over the moon with the different candies/lollies that came in this scoop. The whole order is/was epic. Will be back very soon!