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Welcome to Tara's Candy Bar Australia's delectable collection of Asian Snacks! Delve into a unique assortment of taste sensations from all over Asia, including Japan and China. Discover the bold flavours and creative textures that characterise snacks from these countries, from sweet and savoury chips by renowned brands like Lay's (in unique Japanese flavours) to quirky, fun-filled DIY candy kits by Kracie and Cofis.

We also bring you a taste of unique Japanese and Chinese flavours with authentic beverages from Sangaria, Asahi, and unique Fanta flavours. Our diverse range reflects the rich snack cultures of Asia, allowing you to experience an exotic culinary adventure right from your home!

Most items in this collection are limited. If you see something you like, we suggest you purchase before it sells out and we are unable to order it again.

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