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Here at Tara's Candy Bar Australia, our freeze dried lollies and freeze dried chocolates collection is fast becoming one of our most popular ranges.

The process of freeze drying involves freezing the candy and then removing all of the water and moisture from the candy, leaving only pure sugar crystals behind. Freeze dried lollies retain the flavours of the original lollies they are made from, but with a satisfying crunch, and just a unique texture that has to be tried to be believed. The range that can be freeze dried includes both traditional lollies as well as various chocolate coated lollies and other treats as well.

Some treats can take up to 30 hours to freeze dry, that is why it is difficult to always have everything in stock. We currently use 2 suppliers for our Freeze Dried treats. We try our best to restock weekly. Be sure to pop your email address into the out of stock notification tab to be notified as soon as they are back in stock :)

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