How much is postage?

We charge a $10.99 Australia wide for parcels 3kg and under and $15.50 for parcels over 3kg across Australia. Express shipping is $22.95. 

WA & NT is currently higher priced due to shipping delays and 40% increase by Aus Post

Do you ship Internationally?

We are currently only sending to New Zealand. NZ Shipping starts at $18AUD

How long will my order take?

This depends on a number of aspects including where you are located, the time of year and the day of the week you order. We do not pack and post orders placed from Thursday night until after the weekend. This is so that your order is not sitting at the depot over the weekend. We ship from Wodonga, 3690. If you head to the Australia Post website you will be able to calculate an approximate time of how long it will take. All orders are packed within 48 hours of being placed. 

Do you take product requests?

We sure do! New products arrive weekly and these happen due to your requests. Send your requests through to our Facebook, Instagram or via email: hello@tarascandybar.com.au

What are your payment options?

We currently accept Visa/Mastercard, PayPal, Afterpay, ZipPay, Latitude Pay, Shop Pay, Shopify Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay

What if my order arrives damaged?

As stated in our Shipping policy, we do not offer refunds on melted items. However, if your order has been damaged during transit and is no longer edible then please contact us immediately so that we can resolve this for you. Please make sure you take pictures as soon as you see that your order has been damaged. Without images, we will not be able to do anything.

What happens if an item arrives melted? 

If we have not placed an ice pack and insulated bubble wrap in your order, then that is on us and the item will be partly refunded (melted items can still be eaten so you will receive a 50% refund). We will also require images of the item/s.

If however, we have placed an ice pack and bubble wrap in your order then we cannot refund melted items as we highly recommend selecting express post to ensure you get your order in a timely matter. We are based in VIC. If you are in QLD, WA or NT and order by standard post, there is a high chance items will arrive melted, even with an ice pack and insulated wrap. So please select express post to avoid this as there is nothing we can do otherwise. 

What happens if I receive an incorrect item or have a missing item?

Please contact us as soon as you discover this and we will resolve this on a case by case basis. 

Why does one of my products have a short Best Before date?

To begin with, please understand that some items BB dates are listed differently in other countries. For example; America lists their dates as 01/05/2022 (5th of January) instead of us seeing it as 05/01/2022. Majority of our products are imported so this can sometimes impact our BB dates. Products can take a while to travel and be cleared through customs. Some products are naturally short dated such as British crisps. It is legal to sell an item past it's BB date by 12 months (provided it is not something that will go off). We will put items on sale if they are past their BB date. British Chips will always be short dated or past BB date and will not be placed on sale. Please be aware of this when purchasing.